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Thread: Gfx Card Problem

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    Yesterday I purchased a brand new Radeon 9200SE 128MB from my local computer store. I was beyond happiness 'cause that meant in a few hours I would be feeding my old TNT 2 to the neighbours dog.

    After everything was installed (card/drivers) I restarted just to be sure. Things went wrong from there. At the log in page (WinXP) my screen just went black. The little light saying it is getting power was on, but the screen was black. Restart time.

    This time I got into windows, but then after about 2 minutes the computer tells me I've run out of Physical Memory o_O Restart time.

    Then after being in Windows for about 5 minutes the computer just freezes. Yep, it just went up and froze. Restart time.

    Finally this time round everything was going peachy. I tried loading BF1942, but at the Player Profile screen it freezes O_o The intro goes fine but as soon as that bit comes up it freezes. Kill myself time.

    It was switching between the first 3 mentioned scenarios everytime I restarted the computer and froze every time I tried a game. I've removed and checked the card about 4 times. Un-Installed and Re-Installed the Drivers and all the other contents of the included about the same amount of times.

    After leaving it for the night I came back this morning and it was still happening. I just put my old card back and it runs perfectly. Nothing goes wrong.

    Now before I take it back to the store and jam the thing up the managers arse, I need to know if you guys and girls no any other way to fix it.

    Note: I got the lastest drivers from the ATI site, nothin happenin there either

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    might aswell exercise your consumer rights - let them deal with the problem and get yourself another card
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    so theres no way to fix it but a good ol' anal jam?


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