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Thread: Wierd Files

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    i have downl a game but i dont know how to burn it. there are 47 files(rzr-ja1) with one sfv file.tryed to open the files with win iso but it doesnt work.

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    Is it a winrar file? You may have to unzip it first. Where did you get it, what file is it?

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    open the first file, then extract that one to another folder....this will extract the rest of the files.

    if you wanna burn it, you wont be able to make it like a copy of the original game, since my bet is that the game you got isn't a cd image like an .iso or .bin...but merely a rip


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    winrar was the solution, but why did it not appear as a win rar file? I had win rar installed.And why is it 47 similar files, all containing a cue and a bin? isnt one enough. By the way i got it from bt.(jedi academy)


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