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Thread: Call Of Duty

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    Hi everyone

    Ive been looking forward to playing call of duty ever since i got word of it
    Im sure im not the only one!

    I paid a fiver for a magazine coz it had a playable demo of call of duty on it.

    The game is fine and it doesnt even slow down a tad. But evert 2-3 minutes it comes up wit an error message.

    Runtime Error!

    c: Windows\ program Files\Call of Duty Single Player Demo\CODSP.exe

    Abnormal Program Termination

    Then i click ok and it returns to windowns the gamma is turned right up and i have to play the game again just to turn the gamma down again.

    Its really annoying coz the game is great and i think it is a problem with my pc coz the demo of homeworld 2 does it aswell. All my other games pause every 30 seconds so my new pc built for gaming is of no use to me. one day i will throw it out the window if this does not fix. hehe lol

    If this happens to you please tell me so i can assure myself that im not the only one. And if you know how to fix this please tell me.

    Thank you.

    Mr happy

    p.s. If this continues i will have to change my name! hehe lol!

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    It could be any number of things,what are your system specs?

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    is that most like battlefield 1942 or medal of honour?

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    u need to post your specs and where you downloaed it from. moron we cant read minds.

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    I'm positive it has nothing to do with the hardware he is running, but the software. Do the following (backup your save files if theres no option to)
    • Make sure you are running Directx 9.0b. If not, download and install
    • Reinstall the game
    • Download and install the latest video & sound card drivers for your computer
    One should fix the problem (i'd say directx9.0b would though).

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    usally im maybe incorrect, u get those errors according to ur system spec. cuz when i downloaded Raven Shield demo on my old comp it didnt work i got same kinda errors and worked perfect on new one... so yea it can be cuz of system spec. cuz that game has requirments

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    Actually, runtime errors are usually the result of software, or lack of it (Direct-x in this case), or even bad programming.

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    Hi its mr happy again

    sorry buut i must have forgotten to put my system specks in( dumasses do these things&#33


    AMD athalon xp 2600 (2.08ghz)

    512mb of ram

    Geforce fx 5200

    onboard nforce sound card

    creative surround sound (i dont think the sound would make a difference but i put it anyway&#33

    Sorry folks hope this helps

    Oh by the way i err diddnt download it i got it off a demo cd

    Guy (mr soon to be angry(Happy))


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