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Thread: Stop Sharing Fake Files

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    Don't people check their files before sharing them on K-Lite. This topic has been brought up so many times and the problem is just getting worse. For those of us who haven't got the privlage of having broadband struggle to download a few files/mp3's an hour only to find they are fake. Look at the total files on Kazaa (651,982,331 at the time that this is being written) , now take out all the shit and that figure would drop by about 50%. I've read a lot of replies to previous posts, like ( Because I use broadband and download 100's of files overnight, by the morning a 100 people have uploaded from me.) It's like a F*#ken disease. Bloody simple! download to an unshared folder, check the files and THEN transfer and share the checked ones. Show some consideration to all users of K-Lite, and clean up your hard drives or shared folders and maybe we can get rid of all the shit and make it easier to get what we want the first time. Maybe Kazaa-Lite could put some sort of notice on the start up page of their next upgrade .

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    Yeh im in the same boat as u, i sit ere waiting for a half an hour for a song then i get some piece of shit that screatchs in shit.

    its all a bit coisodental tho with all this RIAA crap going on.

    i was doing some thinkin, and u know how the RIAA have been bustin the file distubuters that distubute like 1000's of files maybe the RIAA then tamper with the files, i dont know just tryin to figure out y its only just started happpenin over the last couple of weeks.

    And its only gettin bigger evey fucking file i dl is screwed wtf is going on, and when i dl it there is like 40 sources so there must be alote of people with alote of screwed files wtf r all these people brain dead computers made to distubte fake files??

    there has to be a reason for it.

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    Well i delete all my fake files... so

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    Some people share fake files purposely so posting this topic will not make them quit.

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    most or u can say 90% fake files r published by compenies like RIAA and etc and some dumb new bies d/l's them and dont delete them even if they now its fake

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