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Thread: Setting System Clock Back

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    my NAV suscriptions was about to expire in 1 day so i just set my system clock back 10 days, now it says i have 10 more days of suscription left. just tryin to figure out is setting my sys. clock back doing anything bad to my comp or fucking up some of my appz.

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    a couple of things to keep in mind when changing your clock/date back is that if you are using a program to complete task at a specific time, on a specific day, is that most of them go off the system clock. If you are setting it back, then those programs will never execute, because that date will never show up. IF you use progs like that, adjust the date to coincide with the new dates that you are setting the clock to.
    Another thing to keep in mind, is that winblows keeps track of file usages- such as when they were created, when they were modified, stuff like that. That goes by the system clock, so you are going to get erronous information on that data. It's nothing that will cause problems with your machine, but if you look at a file, and says that it was created three months ago, and you downloaded it two days ago, and then set your clock back last night- well...that's why it says what it says about when it was created or modified.

    Also, some of the trial period sharewares use your BIOS clock, instead of your system clock, and I very strongly dont recommend messing with your BIOS (they are instructions that keeps all of your hardware inside the machine running) especially to the extent of what it takes to reset the bios clock. Dont ask me how to do it, I wont tell ya, cause I wont have any responsibiity in you messing up your comp if ya screw it up by messing with your bios.
    the only reason that I mention it, is so that you are aware that some of the sharewares dont run off the system clock. Also, some of them check the date with the company servers, when you go online. There's not a whole lot that you can do about that, unless you have a firewall that can block their internet access.

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    yeah, pretty much


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