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Thread: Savage Error

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    could not connect to server - Invalid Connection string

    game is savage: the battle for newerth

    anyone know the problem?

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    did u download it?

    do u have a valid cd key?

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    yes i downloaded it.. i got a fixed exe from (no cdkey)

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    most games dont work online/..

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    "Simultaneously, it looks like people were hammering our authentication server and caused it to be swamped with requests a couple times today. This is why you may have gotten the "invalid connection string" errors. We have since added code to prevent this error in the future for legitimate clients, and we are working to beef up the auth server to prevent problems like this in the future."

    Thats the only thing i could find that had the error you've stated, and the game doesnt seem to of been patched (it is new though, so you might have to wait a little while for them to patch it).

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    ok thanks i'll try it in a little bit..

    its an all online game

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    ok i can play demo servers but not full version servers :/

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    maybe u have the demo

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    Originally posted by ontheedge2000@11 October 2003 - 12:20
    ok thanks i'll try it in a little bit..

    its an all online game
    that doesn't matter. UT2k is 99% online and you need a Valid CD-Key to play online same with MMO games.

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    i know, he said
    most games dont work online/..


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