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Thread: Canon Powershot A70 + Accessories For Sale/trade

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    Bought this camera just over 2 months ago. Works great, a few very minor scratches on the LCD from usual wear-and-tear... but no other issues. 3.2 megapixel. Retails for $300.00. Have original box/documentation/software/USB attatchment/AV cable. Reviews at...


    Included with the camera is the following: 128mb Fujifilm CF Memory Card, 16 Duracell AA NiMH 1800 mAh rechargeable batteries (as any digi-cam user will note, these batteries are almost necessary, alkaline's are a joke), a Duracell 1hr. charger, and a Lowepro Z20 camera case.

    Looking for $300 for everything... or willing to trade for a semi-decent computer system w/ no output/input devices. (mouse, keyboard, monitor etc etc.) Also open to trades in regards to upgrading my own system.... current specs: Athlon 2200+ XP (asus A7V333 motherboard), 256kb DDR 2700, 27gb HD, 64MB GeForce2 and a lame speaker setup =). Send emails with serious offers to and I'll get you pictures of the camera/gear ASAP.

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    sorry if i dont know you, but i got an urge to say welcome back

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    Heh, pretty sure you dont know me... first time posting on this MB. But thanks all the same =).


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