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Thread: Rmvb

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    got a movie in a format that is new to me.
    it is rmvb. can this be played, and if so which player. and if it has to be burned could some 1 tell me how or what program to use. thx much.

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    you need real player or the real alternative

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    Have you tried the vlc-player? (or videolan)
    If not, heres a link to the player:

    I think it might be a new alternative to divx, supposedly of quality, but Im not shure, havent seen the format myself.

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    thx for the link and help. my search did find the altenatives that were mentioned. just has me confused a bit, and trying to avoid realplayer if possible. thx again. this place is the best! oh BTW, will these players make it a default player? i wanna keep wmp as default without trying to change it back after installing something new.


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