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Thread: Pl Moving Backwards?

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    Any one know whats going on with my PL? I left kl on all night and when i came back, my pl acctualy dropped instead of raising. I wasnt even downloading any thing and during the night i had about 12 completed uploads, and 6 aborted, i only share vid files. i dont really mind becuase my pl is 15000 but how did i loose 1 thousand pl in one night when only sharing?

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    The same kind of thing happened to me one night as well. I don't understand why, because if you are uploading more than downloading, the PL should go up. It went down to about 9000.

    But when I installed the new version 2.4.3, it went back up to something higher, over 15,000.

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    Who cares about pl as long as it's fixed in KL?


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