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Thread: Madden 2004 Question

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    I hope this is the right forum. Has anyone tryed install the first patch for Madden 2004? It installs up to the file UIS_GRP_ALL.dat. Then I get the following patch error message: Old file not found. However, a file with the same name was found. No update was done since file contents do not match.

    I copied the file of the CD and re-ran the patch.exe but recieved the same error message.

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    Excuse me if I sound stupid, I just woke up and I'm a little hung over. Ok you have the pirated version right? If you do, I assume you have a no-cd crack in the games directory. If you do, the patch might not be able to update it. So what you do is re-install the game with its original exe file(meaning don't install any cracks yet, leave its original file). Then update it with the patch. Then go to and get a no cd crack for that version of the patch.

    for example (I don't have madden so just an example)

    You install madden and its version 1.0

    the patch you have is 3.0

    you update it and then go to and look for the 3.0 no cd crack. Install it and your good to go. Hope I was clear


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