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Thread: Er - Im Recording Software

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    You heard the problems I've had in the topic concerning the interview with NikkiD, so you'd probably expect why I've deemed this emergency.

    Quite frankly, I need recording software which can
    • Record at least one of the following IM services - MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM
    • Can record either MP3 or WAV
    • Can record at a maximum bit rate of at least 192 kbps
    • Can record BOTH SIDES of an IM conversation
    Any suggestions are welcome if you think it can do all of the above, but I need to know whether you've tried it or not.

    There's about 12 hours from the time of this post on the clock for this request - Otherwise they'll be no interview with NikkiD. If I can get it sorted out, we can all enjoy it hopefully tomorrow (Sunday).

    So who's gonna be the one who helps us all out here? B)

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    This is just a thought, I'm guessing from what you've said before that you can record one half of a converstaion.

    If so, why not send the software you've got to Nikkid so that she can record the other half. When you've finished she can send you the file she's got and you can merge them. Since they are both recorded at the same time, they should synchronise perfectly.

    Not good as a permanent solution, but it might get you going until you can work out something better.
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    Try Camtasia Studio, it can record stuff from your screen and audio alike, don't know about the bitrate though.

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    ummmm Who's NikkiD


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