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Thread: Viruses And Messed Up Files

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    Ive noticed a lot of viruses, i i think i have an explanation. It was the riaa. Also have you noticed a lot of your files being messed up right in the middle of listening it goes "SDGAHADFHFDHDFHAETEYUETBGBHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"? whats going on there?

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    Yeah, that 'corrupted download' thing is the RIAA. There are a few topics about it if you look around the forum. The best way I found to avoid bogus tracks is to reduce the number of people you're downloading from to three or less.

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    Corrupted files, sure, but they'd get their asses handed to them if they were caught spreading viruses.

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    Originally posted by DasScoot@12 October 2003 - 00:15
    they'd get their asses handed to them if they were caught spreading viruses.
    i dunno, government seams to be on their side... also I HATE CORRUPTED FILES. i just click on a bunch, and download them all, then when theyre don i keep only the best quality one that works

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    Another question, why do we keep saying we are stealing from "artists"? We arent stealing from "artists", were stealing from money hungry media whores like eminem, avril lavigne (if you actually download her shit) and others that have no true emotion put into their work. If you want to say we are stealing from artists say we are stealing from led zeppelin or jimi hendrix. Even then those artists are dead so we cant steal directly from them just their sales reps... yes i also agree with the boycott thing (side note: if you like eminem or avril lavigne sorry for using them as examples, im sure you think nirvana led zeppelin jimi hendrix and some other favs of mine are talentless too...)

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    I used to download albums to sample them, and if they were good, I'd buy them anyway. But since the RIAA started in with their heavy handed tactics I've stopped buying music altogether. They already get plenty of revenue from merchandising, taxes on blank tapes and CDs, TV appearances, concerts, airplay fees, etc, etc. So why get greedy?

    The way I see it, I'm just getting my money back from years of buying CDs and LPs with crappy 'filler' tracks on, and the recoding industry can kiss my hairy arse!

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    If the record industry really cared that much. They could go back to selling music on records and 8 tracks. Those are harder to rip off than cds. Though i know how (Through the line in port on the sound card) most people dont. It would also take a lot of time and effort to put a song onto a computer. So you might as well say fuck it and let people buy the records/8 tracks. thats just my opinion...


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