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Thread: Risk Assessment ?

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    Sorry, new to the forum, although alot of people keep telling of the massive unlikelyhood of being caught by any legal oragnisation I tend to be alittle paranoid.
    Wondering if anyone could ans a few questions I couldn't find answers to on the board.

    We all know that the RIAA is trying to catch people for D/Lin' music and sueing some, but I take it the MPAA isn't sueing anyone yet?

    What are the main organisations scanning through the Network, the only two I know are MPAA and RIAA.

    I like my games, is there any organisation clamping down on this yet ? (ie HalfLife2, Halo etc, PC games).

    And now a silly one, but one that entered my head nonetheless, and hence the section of the KL forum I posted in. Would the MPAA send a letter/email to your ISP, you personally, if they saw an older film in your shared dir, say Terminator2.
    And MORE importantly, would the MPAA be trying to clamp down on porn movies on the fasttrack network?, its just,.......... I need some porn man, is anyone scanning for copyright infringement on porn movies?

    Anyone know any reason why no eMule users are yet on the subpoena database? If I was really paranoid, would using eMule with a proxy be a better plan than KL with a proxy?

    Apologies for the stupidity, but as I say, I looked for a while and couldn't see these questions answered anywhere ( or asked in fact ).


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    Welcome.... not going in to your question, just make sure to check around the forum a bit to see how it works here. You posted this in the wrong session, that's why you post got moved to a more proper section of our board B)

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    The MPAA sues people, just not on the scale the RIAA does (and with more focus on the sources than on the average person). The BSA I think handles software. I don't think the porn industry is in the MPAA, so their resources to catch you would be much more limited. What the MPAA with you does is up to them.

    And all the names being sued are regular Kazaa users, because all the stupid downloaders use regular Kazaa. I don't know if emule has any privacy features, so I'd stick with KLite.

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    I've been reading up on alot of the companies involved in the whole 'war' that is on as such.
    IO Group dba Titan Media Inc
    that seem to be going after porn sharers, would they be contracted by different porn companies to search out porn sharing or just infringement of porn they are involved with directly ? (They are the only porn related company I can find).

    Is there anywhere I can read up more on the whole technology of kazaa and the technologies designed to catch filesharers ?, ports etc....

    And wouldn't these companies hang around these forums?, to find out what we are at and the techniques being designed to stop them, so they can circumvent these techniques ?

    And I cam across this in one of dingdongding'd posts at pg.

    from codewarrior

    ___"Ishikawa would not disclose how his technology crunches through P2P networks or how it circumvents firewalls. In fact, BayTSP's habit of poking into shared files stored on personal computers has won Ishikawa a lot of enemies and even death threats from recipients of his company's cease-and-desist nasty-grams."

    Is this suggesting that _Bay_Tsp_ can get past our firewalls (such as ZA Pro ?).

    Thanks for the info guys.

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    Anyone any ideas about any of the above ??
    If not, thanks anyways.


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