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Thread: Help Me

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    Ok i'm sure this post doesn't fit here but i didn't know where else to put it. Right now my computer is very blurry and i have no clue why. I think by coincedence this happened right after i downloaded and installed kazupernodes. Anyhow everything is blurry and some of the regulare colors i usally see on my desk top are different and messed up....I don't know what this could be or who to ask so i was hoping someone can maybe help me out...

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    i fixed it with my hammer

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    The hammer works every time. It sounds like your desktop resolution may have changed. Go to Control Panel/Display/Settings and make sure that the correct resolution for you monitor is selected.

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    thank you

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    You are welcome. Did it fix your problem or did you really smash your monitor with a hammer?

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    No i was just kidding about the hammer.

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    yup, definitely sounds like resolution, and that's how to fix it, if that's the case.

    I prefer a shotgun to a hammer tho....a much more satisfying sound, plus you get a lotta sparks

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    if it's not rez, check to see if your connection to your monitor is tight, if that's not it, it could also be that the monitor is going out. Or that the vid card is going out- or that it's drivers are corrupt.
    And before anybody suggests that the video card could be loose- nope, the comp gives a series of beeps if some of the hardware isnt seated well.


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