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Thread: Slimx 550 Or Ipod?

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    Ok, well my birthday is coming up and I'm debating what to do. I can either get the SlimX 550 cd/mp3 player and some other stuff, or just get more stuff instead of the player and wait and get a 20 gig iPod for christmas. I currently can only listen to stuff on the computer. The iPod can hold a crap load of songs, but only has an 8 hour battery life and can't play cds. The SlimX 550 has a 55 hour battery life, 32 minute skip protection, radio (don't need) but a cd can only hold so much stuff... Though, I wouldn't use the original cds (would just use an mp3 cd) since they are expensive as hell ($25-$30 a piece). What do you peoples think would be better? I'm sooo indecisive and can't make up my mind for crap..

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    i would get the ipod the thing look good and it holds loke 3000 forthe small storage and 7000 for the 30 gig .
    get a ipod.

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    Ya, after typing this, I decided to just wait and get an iPod.

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    Be careful. I like everyting about the iPod, but I heard about the following. Supposedly, it is made with a built-in rechargeable battery, so when it's no longer able to hold a decent charge, it can't be replaced. The whole iPod is then rendered useless. Even the best type of battery won't last forever (ie: laptop batteries are high-end, and they need to be replaced within 2-3 years unless you plan to use an a/c cable most of the time). Overall though, the iPod is an impressive device. Not only can you store music on it, but all kinds of files. You can also use it to store contacts, calender, to-do-list, and even games. So really, I think if you only want something to play mp3's, the iPod is overkill and way overpriced. Go for the SlimX 550, and other stuff.

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    What's the price difference tween the 2?

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    SlimX 550 = $170
    iPod 20GB = $300

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    Slimx is very nice, stick with it. Ipod is only mp3, from my knowledge.

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    First of all. You spoilt little #@$&. Just messing mate.

    I recommend you get the iriver mp3 cd player. Why? Because hard drive based players are all very nice, but kinda pointless. When are you ever going to need 5000 songs? I bought the first creative nomad (dap) player a couple of years ago for 200 and it really isn't worth it.

    Why not Ipod?

    1) Poor battery life.
    2) If you drop it on something hard, there's a good chance the disc will shatter.
    3) No radio.
    4) Expensive.
    5) Gimmicky, but not really worthwhile. You'll fill the thing with mp3's, for the sake of it, but never listen to most of them.

    iriver makes great portable cdplayers, i know because i've got one.

    1) The battery last for about 8 hours on a charge.
    2) There's a radio tuner, which i use often.
    3) It looks gorgous, is very light and slimline.
    4) Good value for money, half the price of Ipod.
    5) Great sound quality.
    6) Surprisingly robust (i dropped it on the pavement and could have cried, but it was ok but for a small scratch.)
    7) Plenty of tracks on one cdr or cdrw.


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