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Thread: Voice Removal

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    I know that it probably doesn't exsist but if anyone knows of a program that can remove the voice from an audio track it would be greatly appreciated

    I do alot of of audio mixing and a program with this ability would be very helpfull

    So if anyone knows of one please PM me the hash or inform me as to where i can find it


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    If any program can do it...Cool Edit Pro can

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    Yeah. When you got it, ask me if you don't know how. You just have to push a button (I'm just trying to remember which one at the moment )
    But I'll seek this if you want. Also be carefull to get the lastest version of coolpro, coolpro 2.0 so you can work with mp3. And don't update it or it will block the program.

    Also you can't imagine how much more things you can do with this program. I use it to create my music, and it's awesome, U got profesional quality sound, it's easy to use, and doesn't use ressources. ( It was runnig well on my former computer: 600 mhtz processor with 64 sdram )

    Here's a hash of the one I use:
    Cool Edit Pro 2.0 With Serial And Add Ons.exe

    PS: You don't need to install the burning add-on

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    Hell, CoolEdit 2000 was running good on a Celeron 566MHz with bottom feeder 64MB RAM lol... my old computer, before I got done with it... now it has 256MB PC100 RAM, but it still has that fucking Celeron. Word to the wise, never get any computer with the following marks or names: CELERON DURON COMPAQ. All three make for a shit system.


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