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Thread: Ut2003 Download Problem

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    Ive downloaded disc 1&2 of UT2003 and when i click on it a dos window flashes up and closes and thats it. I played with the properties of the file and managed to get the dos window to stay up and it says that the file is too big to fit on memory? Im running windows XP and would appreciate any suggestions.
    P.S both files are about 740Mb, im shure it is the game, well ive been told it is. I was also told something about image, no idea what thats about.

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    ok, do you have enough ram? and you downloaded the 2 cds but did you actually open them with winiso or burn them? cuz if u did it would give you the install screen and also there is cd 3..

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    I have plenty of memory. What is wniso? I"ll try to burn them now. Thanks.

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    OT: were did you dl it from?? if you dl it from kazaa then it probely has many corupted files in it

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    There' genuine rips. Ive played it on a friend of a friends computer who put me onto the files..... i dont have contact with this person as hes not a friend of mine. He didnt tell me there were three disc though. Not a problem as i have found the third. I am getting somewhere though, i have winrar which apparently i need and have found instructions on how to install the game, i have e-mailed these instructions to certain people to see if they can help, if they cant i will put them up here and see if anyone else can help. Thanks. B)


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