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Thread: Activex

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    i have came accross different websites in wich i get a message saying my activex is disabled. first can some1 tell me what it is for, and 2nd how do i change the settings to use this if is needed? thx much!

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    Enable Active X Settings in Internet Explorer to relieve problems associated with viewing MrSid or DjVu images. To enable Active X controls within the Internet Explorer browser, please do the following:

    Open the Internet Explorer browser
    Click on Tools at the top of the browser
    Select Internet Options
    Choose the Security tab
    Click on the Custom Level button near the bottom of the screen
    The first five options you see are Active X settings. Set the following options all to ENABLE:
    1. Download signed Active X controls
    2. Run Active X controls and plug-ins
    3. Script Active X controls marked safe for scripting
    4. Click OK at the bottom of the screen
    5. Click OK again
    6. You are now set to accept Active X controls


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