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Thread: Bittorrent And Requesting Reseeds

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    OK so i got a file thats been sitting at 95.5% for about 4 days now...using Torrent Spy it shows no seeds and the file is no longer on suprnova...where would i go to request a short reseed of the file and what info exactly would be needed...of course i still have the torrent assuming they would need the hash, but as u know there are more than 1 versions of files sometimes and im guessing a different torrent of the same file would not work to finish this off. Thanx

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    u woud have to request a reseed on suprnova forum which is currently down

    From Suprnova forum:


    I'm announcing the fact that I'm no longer able to run the forums with great displeasure. The load has gotten too much for my server to handle, and the only way that I would be able to continue hosting the forums is to buy a box just for the forums, which would probably have to be a 3.0GHz Intel Pentium 4. The current box is a Intel Pentium 4 2.2GHz, and it gets crushed by the forums making the box useless for any other task.

    I wish SuprNova the best of luck in the future, and hopefully I will one day be able to return. Bandwidth is plentfully, but I do not have a fast enough CPU to handle the load

    For more information please contact me (Peter) on

    Thanks goes out to ISOS Web for their generous amount of bandwidth.

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    U can try going to some bittorrent forums and ask if someone has it but it is kinda hard to get a reseed huh?


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