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Thread: Burning Vcds........

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    I burn svcds on nero which is fine and watch on my dvd player. I have a normal Tv and hate watching widescreen films cos its like watching through a letter box. How can I burn films so they play bigger like on a tv channel or normal video? cheers for any help.

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    i generally use MainConcept mpeg encoder only prob is when i do vcd's i have to do a simple multiplex with tmpgenc to be able to burn them....

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    Use TMPGenc and click on the 'Clip Frame' option. You can use the 'Arrange setting' button for some auto cropping, or the 'Clip Frame' button to specify exactly how much you want to chop off from each side. In order to remove the letterbox effect you basically have two options:

    1. Stretch the image to the top and bottom of the screen, which makes everyone look very tall and skinny


    2. Cut the sides off the image, which means if any of the action takes place to the extreme left or right, you might miss something. This is basically what the pros do when they show a widescreen movie on TV, but they use a 'Pan and Scan' technique to move the image around so the action is always centered. I don't know of any software that lets you do that, but even if it did, it would be a lot more work than you'd probably want to put into it.

    Personally I think you're better off learning to live with the letterbox. If you really can't stand it, buy a widescreen HDTV so the image will fit.


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