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Thread: Hitman

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    Is there anyway possible i can get around this 2-day trial, i really like this game

    and would like to keep it for free. Is there an extra program compable of fooling

    the problem into thinking that its retail or setting the 2 days to 50 or more

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    Just download a full version off Kazaa.That's where I got mine ,hitman 1 and 2.
    Gigabyte GA7-VT600 P-L
    Athlon XP2500+ @ 3200+
    512mb OCZ DDR333 (2,3,3,7)
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    LG cdrw/dvd drive

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    download the rips, the rips have the movies and full sound buti suggest downloading only hitman 2 hitman 1 was soooooooo stupid


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