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Thread: Fileserver Only Software O/s

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    I got a extra 800mhz intel with a 10/100 NIC lying around and i wanted to use it "only" for the network's fileserver. (not for a website host.. not for a dedicaded server..... only a dedicaded "Private Network access only" fileserver)
    Is there an o/s or so that can make the computer a complete file server without having extra crap on it. (like if i use windows and share the whole hd on that... well there's alot of wasted space cause i'm never going to actually use that computer for anything else.
    Any linux o/ses out there that are only ment for private network fileservers?
    Basicly.. i dont want it to have internet access.. only network access so all my network computers can store and edit files on it's completely shared hd.

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    If you want to seriously cut out all the crap and only have whats absolutely needed for a server, try Gentoo. It's source based, so it will take awhile to setup. Then all you do is something like emerge Samba after you finish the base installation. Though, if you prefer to have a GUI, Free BSD or Slackware would be good.


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