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Thread: New Catalyst Software V3.8

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    Download area for Windows XP
    Release Notes
    Fixed in this version

    It's claimed to recover hardware crashes and such that may occur on your radeon graphics card. I've never gotten any crashes on my radeon card, but people who do might appreciate this.

    Here's how VPU Recover works:

    VPU Recover allows the CATALYST™ display driver to reset the graphics accelerator when it is no longer responding to the display driver. Without VPU Recover, a reboot of the system would be required when the graphic accelerator is not responding to the display driver. Depending on the state of the system when VPU Recover is activated, applications that are running may be able to fully recover from the graphics processor reset. If this is not possible, the active application may be closed and the system will return to the desktop. VPU Recover will significantly reduce the number of system crashes caused by graphics hardware hangs. This allows for fewer interruptions and virtually eliminates situations where work can be lost, as well as increasing system stability.

    Anyone seen this in action?
    Instead of having your whole system reset.. only the card resets.

    other new features include:
    OpenGL and D3D tabs combined into one
    Game Profile Feature
    CATALYST™ Uninstaller
    New ATI 3D Tab Layout
    SMARTSHADER™ Effects
    VPU Recover
    HYDRAVISION™ Basic Edition
    TV Overscan

    Already upgraded to these new drivers.. they work great on my Radeon 9500 Pro.

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    They are a nice set, arent they?

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    yea, they ushally dont have updates this big


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