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Thread: Burning (s)vcd With Nero6, How Do You Do It?

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    HI All,

    I wondered whether anyone could offer advice on burning movies to (s)VCD? I don't know the difference between the 2 systems, but I have a movie on my PC (in .avi) but I want ot be able to transfer it with my CD Writer to CD so I can watch on a DVD Player.
    I have tried to write eto CD, but after conversion(?) and whatever happens, which took hours, I triedd burning to CD but got the error that the CD didn't have enough space on it and to insert a media with enough space... I know this must be VERY basic for some of you.. but I am totally confused.



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    Very Simple

    It will fit on 2 disks.

    Extract the entire audio from the AVI first, using Cool Edit Pro. Save it as a WAV.

    Use TMPGEnc to convert the first half of the AVI to normal VCD format (MAINTAIN the RATIO, for wide screen movies). Use the AVI as the source, and the new WAV audio as the source. Otherwise, the audio and video may not synchronize.

    Do the above again, but for the second half of the movie.

    You now have 2 halves. Disk one and Disk two. Burn them with NERO.

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