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Thread: Intolerable Cruelty

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    I just saw it and thought it was the worst movie of the year. What did you think?

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    i quit watching love stories a long time ago

    proud to be american

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    After Solaris I'm in no hurry to see another Clooney film.

    So....didn't/won't see this.

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    Originally posted by serpico@12 October 2003 - 18:54
    worst movie of the year.
    ahem. house of the dead.

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    ahem. house of the dead.
    I 2nd that

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    It's funny you should say that I was going to see that then My parents said we arn't waiting for you so I went to see this piece of crap intolerable cruelty.

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    okay, i admit that i haven't even seen Intolerable Cruelty, and maybe it is a stinker. the Coen Brothers have scored a hit with every movie they made up till now, if not financially then at least artistically. i just doubt that they could've possibly made the worst movie of the year.

    especially not with an abortion like House Of The Dead in theaters-- which ideally should've gone straight-to-video, on the bottom shelf at Blockbuster where it belongs.

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    I'm a George Clooney fan but I'm gonna avoid this movie at all costs just because it looks like shit.
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    It sucked


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