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Thread: Silent Hill 3

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    I havent played Silent Hill 3 yet but i want to. I didnt like the 2nd one too well. I jus wanted to know if anyone one had anything to say about it?

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    hell yea it has a wesoem story and great graphics scary too!!

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    Anyone else?

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    fine dont belive me ...scrub

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    Take it easy killer i believe you im just tryin to see if anyone has anything more to add or if anyone dissagrees with you!

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    heres what my friend had to say:

    "e 1337 Kr3w: hey do u think silent hill 3 was good?
    Elvaan Male: yeah
    Elvaan Male: it's like
    Elvaan Male: wired
    e 1337 Kr3w: lol
    Elvaan Male: not much killing
    Elvaan Male: the whole game
    Elvaan Male: u only need to kill like
    Elvaan Male: 20 monsters"

    hes elvaaan guy

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    ya it was very good. i thought it was to ez tho. beat it like 5 times, got into like extreme action mode+2 or something then went back and played sh1&2.

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    i didnt like it


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