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Thread: Soldier Of Fortune 2

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    yo i heard someone said soldier of fortuen 2 works online is it ture?

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    What do u mean does it work online? do u mean has a multiplayer mode?

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    i mean does it work online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it does have a multiplayer mode but would it work online if i download it cuz i dont know if it needs cd key

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    I got the rip and it works online
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    er i dotn like rips cuz they cut sound and stuff do u think the game requires a cd eky

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    well...? does anyone know if the game requires a cdkey

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    well, if your really looking for an answer, I have no idea... What you could do, is buy the game, and see if it requires a cd-key...

    and then find out you just wasted your money...

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    I needed 1 to play online, so it should need 1

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    my ripped one didnt.

    When i started the multiplayer it ask for a cd-key but instead of puting one in u just clcik on Join a server. And pick a game and play.

    NOTE: this worked for the ripped version so i dont know i it will work for the iso.
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    I have the full iso's, and it works fine online. But I'm using gamespy.

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