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Thread: Anybody Else Watch Adult Swim?

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    And if so, state you're age, just wondering if me and my friends are the only adults watching adult swim. Btw I'm 22. If you have no idea what I'm talking about check this out.

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    Yeah, I watch it every now and again.

    Harvey Birdman - Attorney at law still cracks me up.. I used to watch the original Birdman show when I was a kid during the late 60's

    I just turned 38 btw, so you and your mates have nothing to worry about.

    But where does that leave me?

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    Yeah I watch Adult Swim all the time. I really enjoy Home Movies, and Hunger Force is always good for a laugh.

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    I like to watch adult swim, when I remember it is on. I'm always busy downloading something, that time flys-by and when i look at the clock, its usually to late.
    But when i do remember, its really cool. Like the show about vash the stampede,
    and the last show of adult swim, about the 2 guys in space, bounty hunters or something, those are show good shows. I became a fan slowly, then i was hooked, when i remembered it was on.

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    I don't have adult swim in canada but...


    Oh ya i'm 13
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!


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