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Thread: Uharc

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    i downloaded a game which was zipped. inside it had a uharc.exe , smename.bat n an archive. on executing the batch file, the game was uncompressed to sme folder. wat i wants to do is to compress the cstrike directory with best compression and create an archive wit a batch file so that if i zipped all these files and burnt it, upon extracting the zipped file, and by executing the batch file i could extract the cstrike directory in the current folder(where it was unzipped) with all subfolders & the files in their respective folder.
    pls explain how i can do this in laymans terms
    oh, n BTW it would also be good if it would overwrite without prompt
    how do u enter the commands and switches anyway? i executed the uharc.exe n a dos kinda screen comes up n disappears, pls in laymans terms
    PS. i hope u understand wat im tryin to say

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