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Thread: Movie Formula

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    May 2003
    ive noticed a movie formula that alot of manly action/horror films use and it is simpley this

    if the film starts with action or a killing in the first 5 to 10 mins of the film that means that u wont see any more action or a killing 4 at least 30 to 40 mins.

    has any1 noticed this as well??? or am a wrong??

    around 80 to 85% of these film r like this

    Matrix reloaded/freedy jason

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    pretty much right but i found freddy jason to be cool well maby the last 15 mins lol
    matrix was good 2 except for the to be cont i flipped out in thearters lol but yea most new movies to follow that formula

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    May 2003
    When u say it I kindof realise that this is quite true
    On the other hand those movies that don't apply to this has way to much action,
    so much you find yourself bored to death by stunts, explosions and
    never-need-to-reload-guns - You recognize?
    example newest 007 movie (cant remember its name)

    Simply said: most movies are crap although there are some made to be better than the others

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    yep that's why movies today suck...

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    Canada, eh
    I can't stand the bulletproof heros and heroines. They get in a huge gunfight with millions of rounds fired and not a scratch. I think it totally glamourizes guns and makes kids today think they are all bulletproof.

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    once apon a time in mexico? heros that are bullit proof!

    although i dont think that films like that are meant to be taken too seriously, they're action films, they're there for action, if they're gonna be realistic the action scenes wudnt last too long cos the heros wud be killed in a milli second!

    [yep that's why movies today suck...]

    thats a bit of a generalisation! im sure we could all name some amazin films done in the last 5 years! although i must amit, im not a fan of action films, i find myself fallin asleep through them!

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    lol......i f**ked up my quote thingy!

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    Feb 2003
    what did happen to keep-it-reel movies in which they didnt live happily ever after

    proud to be american

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    i would not go so far to say 80 to 85%, take jeepers creepers, no killing in it till a good half hour into it. you watch the second and they happen frequently, just like in the very brilliant freddy vs jason. the guy in the bed scene was cool, and that cornfield one too, massacre time indeed. my favourite film ever. seen it loads of times


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