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Thread: The Hunted-tommy Lee Jones Movie

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    it took me 2 months to download i lost it twice at about 500000KB finaly got the movie and it wasnt that good .what did you alll think of the movie ?

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    Sep 2002
    luckily i got it a lot faster..
    Well it wasn't that bad movie, especially the start was very promissing.
    But i have to admit that when the (man) hunt started the characters played pretty standard roles, and the excitement was pretty low.
    This was a movie with far more potential, to bad it could have been a lot better!

    But if i make a prize quality balance i must say it was worth my dl....
    scale from 1-10 (10 = best) it get's a 6 from me B)

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    you have a point there it could of been better i guess i was angry it took so long to get i have adsl 1500 but anyway it get 5 out of 10 with me.

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    Yep it started gud then just fell flat, like jetje said not a bad movie, the acting wos gud from all parts but the movie just ran out of steam...

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    i actual really like this movie i liked the whole idea of brainwashing to create the perfect killer it was grat id give it a big fat 8 outta 10


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