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Thread: Socom Navy Seals 2

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    Is the Socom Navy Seals 2 game going to be any good? I played the first one and it was pretty good. Does anybody know the release date and if it'll be worth buying it?

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    the release date is 11/4/2003

    i dont know if it will be any good, i played socom the first one and i thought it kinda sucked...the controls and stuff you cant beat fps games that areon pc they are just awesome at graphics and contorls B)

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    the first one is ez! all I did was rush every time. I would seriously try to rush and just own everyone thinking that I would die, but nope... I didn't die... So it was kinda funny on my side...

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    i heard the online version for this game only works for ppl with like dsl or modem is that true? (for socom first)

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    personaly I didn't like the multiplayer, but I think that the game might work with diel up but it will run really slow, really, really slow... so slow that you wont be able to connect... hmm... ok, I guess you do need broadband...

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    Guest happy tho cuz i sold my ps2 and im gona get cable internet now cuz i got enough money for 1st 6 months then mabe ill save money i get for lunch and stuff

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    you sold your ps2... omg... why would you do that?

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    i duno lol i got 150 bux

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    $150? omg... what a loser... I can get $151... so beat that! B)

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    lmao omg 1 buck lol actuallly people shoulda bought it for less then 100 cuz it was 2 years used and ps2 is like 200 now and by thanksgivin it will be less

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