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Thread: My Friend Having Trouble...

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    My friend says that whenever he goes ont he internet, IE automatically sets his homepage to some porn site. also, a link is put into his aol instant messenger profile. i told him he had spyware/adware or a virus. he got ad-aware 6.0, updated it, scanned, got rid of everything, and did a virus scan. no viruses. the problem is not gone however. anyone have any ideas?

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    is it that thing thats like "" or something?? i had that, just follow the instructions on their site to rid of it

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    yes, that is it. il tell him.

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    After he gets rid of it there are several programs (WinPatrol comes to mind) that will keep your homepage from being hijacked.
    It's very irritating when that happens and you can prevent it in the future.
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    thanks, he said that he fixed it following those instructions. thankfully, my homepage has never been hijacked.

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