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Thread: Job Interviews

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    You leave a job interview feeling pretty good about yourself and your chances for landing the job.

    Then you have the rest of the day to think about all the things you could have done better during the interview.

    Later, you are totally conviced that you bombed and you'll never get a new job.

    That was my day today. Interview at 9:00 AM, by noon I was second guessing myself, and now...

    I am still keeping my fingers crossed.

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    i wouldnt spend too much time worrying about it. you've done your best and its too late to do anything else. its in their hands now. if you think there's anything you could have done better just try to remember it for next time.

    i reckon if you worry about how you did all the time then it will just make future one's more stressfull.

    best of luck btw

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    Well, good luck.

    If you feel good about it and you made your boss to laugh, then you've got the job. If you really made it that good, he/she'll give you the job straight after the interview. Your boss will not need to think about it.

    But, if your boss has got a frozen face after the interview and tells you, we'll call you, then forget about it.

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    I can tell within the first minute and a half. It makes the rest of the interview somewhat annoying.

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    you guys can only be slaves to others

    be your own boss

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    I went for a job interview about a week ago. I made only one slight mistake, I forgot to smile when I met the guy. Not a good first impression lol.


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