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Thread: Smartsync Pro

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    Heyas guys and gals- I was on looking for a good backup utility. And SmartSync Pro 2.90.678 looks like a pretty darn good choice, for a shareware. So, I went to a couple of my crack site bookmarks, and came up with nil on reg keys or cracks for it.
    Anybody got a legit version, or a crack that works for it?

    obtw, did I mention that I'm paranoid and have 4 virus scanners on this comp?

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    10/06/2003. thats the date when Smartsync pro was released. u will have to wait a lil time for sum1 cracks it

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    oh wow, I didnt know that it was such a new release! Thanks Jester.
    hrm...well..maybe somebody has a legit copy that they will share?


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