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Thread: Problems Uploading?

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    I don't seem to be uploading anything even though it says that i am sharing 9000+ files. Is something up? I have a lot of popular anime like Naruto and Berzerk being shared but no one is getting uploaded to.

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    Are you firewalled or behind a router (in other words have more than 1 computer connected to your internet connection)?

    If so, Kazaa/KL++ makes you harder to find. Your files will be excluded from searches by people that block entries from firewalled users.

    Plus, you won't be able to download from others who are 'firewalled' according to Kazaa/KL++ at all -- which may well include many/most broadband users!

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    Yeah, I am behind a router. Anyway to be behind a router and still upload etc.?

    EDIT: Does Kazaa work similarly to DC++?

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    I put the modem router in "bridged" mode so that there are no routing functions and it is still not uploading.

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    What about the router's firewall settings?

    Have you tried port-forwarding (which you probably should do) and KaNAT (which is quesitonable due to its extreme cpu load)?

    If you uncheck block firewalled sources, do you see lots of X's on files found in search? If so, KL++ STILL thinks you're firewalled and is blocking you probably from being able to upload.


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