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Thread: Opera For Windows Final 7.21

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    Opera for Windows introduces the looks and the performance of an exceptional Web browser. Opera's user interface has received a major overhaul with the new start-up dialog, and new default buttons, skin and panels in a blue and white color scheme that can be changed back to classic Opera look or another design. At start-up you can select a single or multiple document interface (SDI/MDI).

    Opera's new looks are complemented with exciting features such as the Personal Bar and Pagebar, hotclick, improved window handling, bookmarks search, redesigned preferences, new shortcuts, extensive drag and drop, and support for Unicode and LiveConnect.

    Changes in Current Version:
    Fixed a problem where fixed elements weren't fixed when scrolling with mouse
    Tile when creating new (and closing) windows added again
    Fixed a problem where pages did not end up in the proper order when doing tile/cascade/ restore all/maximize all
    Fixed a problem where Delete Private Data could cause a freeze
    Fixed a crash when trying to access file:///aux
    Fixed a crash caused by illegally escaped server names
    Fixed a freeze issue at
    Fixed a freeze issue with nested tables and 100% height
    Fixed a reflow issue when opening a link in a new page from a Javascript menu
    Made it possible to change BUTTON width using CSS
    Fixed a clipping issue on inline-blocks
    Fixed an "all text underlined" issue
    Fix for: Opera crashes on zoom + back and forth

    Download Opera for Windows with Java 7.21

    Download Opera for Windows without Java 7.21

    Download Opera for Linux 7.21

    Download Opera for FreeBSD 7.21

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    Thanks SH

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    ah finally thx again sh

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    so many updates in such a short time!!

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    Is there a patch to remove the "Free Ad Banner"???


    EDIT---(The 7.0 Beta patch worked) nevermind thanks


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