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Thread: Vcd Encoding Problem

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    I recently got 'the good the bad and the ugly.avi' and twice now have attempted to encode it for vcd use.

    The first time I used Tmpgec to encode to a single file (ended up around 860mb) to vcd standard (PAL) without ripping sound with another program, I also had 'motion search precision' set to high quality. The picture on the resulting MPG was fine but from the start the sound is a bit out of sync and by the second half its lagging way behind the picture

    On My second attempt, I first used Virtual Dub to rip the sound to a Wave file and loaded it up in tmpeg for encoding. I noticed in 'file information' at the frame size box it stated 29,970fps so in tmpgec I loaded the VCD NTSC templete. Still after all that (and another 3 hours!!&#33 no joy atall

    The AVI itself is fine with no problems

    Thanks for taking the time to read, Im really puzzled with this one as im a bit of a newbie to this, any helpwould be great

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    When you take out the wave file with vdub, make it uncompressed .wav file. Convert to Mp2 using beesweet, and then multiplex it back in using Tmpgec. If that does not work than it is out of my league.


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