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    this whole thing with the RIAA lawsuits will NOT I REPEAT, NOT HAVE ANY MERIT IN COURT! they themselves are finding the information illegally. why, you may ask, THEY DO NOT HAVE A COURT ORDER STATING THEY CAN LEAGALLY TRACK DOWN YOUR IP ADRESS AND THEY DON'T HAVE A SEARCH WARRENT SO THEY CAN'T EVEN LEGALLY LOOK AT YOUR COMPUTER. the DIGITAL MILLENIUM ACT IS TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL and now a lot of congressmen are saying that this thing is rediculous. this whole thing should never have happened.

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    Yep, we all agree with you that it stinks. But some judge (who probably got a big payoff) decided in the Verisign case that it is a vallid use of the DCMA.
    The RIAA is milking this as much as they can, before it gets rectified in the appeal.


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