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Thread: Theme Xp Or Window Blinds?

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    In your opinion, which is better, Theme XP or Window Blinds? Please say why the one you chose was better. (I tried doing a search, but I got thousands of results and i went through a few pages and they were all not what I was looking for) Also, does Theme XP or Window Blinds slow down your computer?

    If you know any links to other topics, please post.

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    This comes up all the time, probably once a fortnight. I recommend you do a search, or even look back a few pages in Softwareworld.

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    twice a week is more like it...
    maybe we should vote on an "official forum stance" on things like this...then we could just give canned answers.

    then again, we'd lose the entertainment of bitchin at newbies.



    Search next time you dumbass!


    they both suck.
    use the uxtheme.dll patch from LightStar

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    Yeah they both suck, the best is the uxtheme.dll. It takes up no resources becuase it isnt a program that runs in the background.

    Go here to get it, and you can download themes here also.


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