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Thread: Im So Mad

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    so i bought chaser a 40 dollar game hoping it would be great and it would be really fun as it was in the demo

    the demo was great and so is the real game hell the real game is 1 million times better but when i went on mutliplayer i saw 10 servers 10 damn servers an di got so pissed and i asked people hey is that all the server they have and he said no on weekends they have 20 i was like LMFAO wow 20!!

    im so maddddddd ppl buy this gameeee or refer to ur friends its a good game just need more ppl online

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    Lol, 10 servers? I guess you won`t try your 1337 H@X on people

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    lol i wouldnt hack now cuz they would ban me from the 10 damn servers there are lol but then again the game just came out so maybe ppl didnt buy it yet they will get more ihope

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    Could you give me the official site for the game because im searching it on google but i cant seem to find it.

    I want to see what its like

    sorry i think i just found it. ???

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    yea is it the games awesome you shoudl get it

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    8 Hours left and i will have the multiplayer demo.

    I really, really hate 56k

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    yea i hate 56k too dad wont buy me cable so im buyin games anyway the games a lot better then the demo and the demo is a lot good lol


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