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Thread: Uninstall Help

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    ok, i have this program called aimster. it was the filesharing program everyone used after napster was shut down and i still have it on my computer. haha. so i havent used it forever, so i want to uninstall it. when i try to, it says, "WARNING: if you do an uninstall, this will delete all of the user download folders. if you want to uninstall but keep the files you have downloaded, move them to a folder outside of the program files/aimster directory Now!"
    yeah, so, im not sure if my downloaded stuff is in the directory or not. i think my files are in a folder on the desktop, but i cant be too sure. i cant risk losing my files!
    what if there were shortcut links to download folder int he aimster directory? would it delete the shortcut and where it leads to?

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    Aimster, like other P2P programs, will create a shared folder when you initially install it. Unless you've created your own, separate folder for your downloads, then that shared folder will be something like "C:\\windows\programs\aimster\shared"
    Just simply create a folder outside of Aimster(like on your desktop) and drag and drop your files from one folder to the other.
    Shortcuts can be deleted. Right clicking the shortcut and selecting "properties" will show you the location of the original folder.

    For others reading this; this is exactly why I've always recommended creating a shared folder outside of your P2P program. It just makes it easier when changes are made down the road.

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    yeah, my songs are in a folder on my desktop, and i dotn think its just a shortcut either. iu think its the actual folder. you think my files will eb safe? and when it deletes the shortcuts will it also delete the folder that the shortcut leads to?

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    You didn't get it. Reread his answer.


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