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Thread: Filter Software

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    Hey i'm looking for a program that i can use to filter my downloads into folders based on their extension


    I dl a .zip file to .....\Desktop\Installers
    The program takes it and puts it in ......\Desktop\Installers\Compressed Files

    I dl a .exe file to ......\Desktop\Installer
    The program takes it and puts it in .......\Desktop\Installers\Applications

    I know its possible because there is a program for sorting the 'My Shared Folder' included in Kazza Lite k++ (KL Extensions)

    Anybody know where i can get a program that would do it? Thnx

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    you can try here (theyre mostly accelerators, but i might have seen a couple of sorting progs, cant remember, but i think so)
    anyway, cant you just create the folders and direct the d/l? if youre talkin about d/l's off the web (not k++)
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