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Thread: Anybody Know What These....

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    Has anyone used or seen Tumi's cursors? They are very elegant, spin and look diamondish, (The best to way describe them ). Does anyone know of the program that they are made with? I make my own cursors with Microangelo, but I would like to make some like Tumi's. Thanks for any help.

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    Has anyone used or seen Tumi's cursors?
    Nope... got a link?

    Edit: Never mind. I just googled it....

    From his FAQ:

    *  Q: What software are you using to create these stupid cursors? I'd like to do something like that. Can I?

    * * A: It's really not that hard. There are just two proggies I use. 3D Studio Max for creating the scene and render the animation into pictures which I assemble into animated cursor using Microangelo. That's all you need, although this is only my personal selection which doesn't mean that these are the best programs available. On the contrary, there are better and more professional programs out there that you could use to create something similar to what I did. All you need is creativity.
    So now you know.


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