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Thread: Kazza Preview Extractor

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    Hey,I am looking for the Kazaa preview extractor,I looked over the search,in Kazaa and found it but its allways full of viruses,can anybody give me a link to this tool that is clean,Pleeeease.Vivian

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    Hey,no thats not the one,ist called preview extractor,I find this is the best one to see if you got a fake or how the qualety is like,but thank you anyway for your quick reply.Vivian

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    Go to the main site of the name or I am online in about 9 hours.

    File:KaZaA Preview Extractor 1.0.exe
    Length:228320 Bytes, 223KB

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    From the developer: "KPE is a helper utility that saves and fix parcially downloaded media from KaZaA Media Desktop. It's useful to preview Avi DivX files, QuickTime movies and Real Media. It can fix Avi movies, and saves all data when a file is downloaded from multiple sources. This new version can now handle up to 1000 files, has configurable search directories, display improvements, bug fixes and much more. Please note that KPE is now ad-supported. If you would like an adware-free version, please participate at the forums and request it at the developer's Web site."

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    I like to say thank you to everyone that took the time to help me,I am going to download it right now.


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