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Thread: Quality Of Films

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    What should I be lookin for when I search for good quality films? I never download films below about 650 meg in size, but the quality is still very varied. Any help would be appreciated.

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    i always go for around 700000 file size when searching make sure you wait for as many uses as you can make sure they match xvid,dvd riip, use avi previewer also anything by ..the.saint is realy good 9 out of 10 times. this might sound funny but i go to to see if it out on dvd and somtime the ones comming soon there will be a dvd out as well. go to the tips trail and error works for me as well good luck sorry i couldnt be more help

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    u dnl at kllite??
    if so use when their server is back up
    the movies there usually kepp high qual

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    700mb and above


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