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Thread: Can This Be Done ?

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    I want to burn a cd.. its image files. A mixture of psd and bitmaps and Jpegs.
    I am running xp pro and have alchohol 120 and Nero 5.5. Think I have Iso buster around somewhere as well.. I want to be able to read this disc on an Mac platform.. and by tomorrow lol... Is there a way that this can be done as I seem to be having probs...

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    It should be possible to just write the picture files to the cd in the normal way because there is a cd standard that isn't operating system specific. (ie data cds are written the same way on windows, unix, linux and i assume mac. So at the very least the bitmaps and jpegs should be transferrable in this way. I don't know what a psd file is though.
    From your post it sounds like it isn't working though, does the mac not recongnise the cd at all? Did you finalise the cd?

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    HI... thanks,The psd is photoshop file.. with all the layers.. I would be happy with just the bits and jpegs. I have not got as far as trying it in the mac. In Nereo I get the options only to burn Data; it says 'readable in most windows operating systems' i the drop down menu.. I was a bit wary of that.. Burning it as vcd I could not get it to play back on my comp let alone a mac lol... The other options in Nero I am not sure about... I would of thought that I could have formatted the disc and just dragged and dropped to the re write drive... the other Nero options are for mp3 or copy.... just a bit confused as to what kind of disc I want to tell nero that I want to create is all

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    If you burn the CD in ISO 9660 format the Mac should be able to read it. Make sure you don't burn it in Joliet, which is a Microsoft format and only works and Windows PC's. You also might want to disable "long file names" in Nero because the Mac might not support that.

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    I think.


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