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Thread: How To Rip A Movie

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    ok i have looked in the fag and there is not much of a help
    so all am asking is how can i rip a movie
    okease give me 1 single effective software and the steps to do it ..
    see the problem is that i have 3 season of FRIENDS but they are too to0o00o0 big to put em in my hard disk and i heard someone here in k board talking about ripping a movie and how this gonna make small copared to the previius one ..
    i have alot of interesting stuff and the only way i can share it wit you all is to rip it so please make it fast ......halla
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    1,586 is a good place to start. Review our Movieworld should be able to find many topics related to ripping there.

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    Originally posted by othmanni@15 October 2003 - 16:26
    ok i have looked in the fag
    did he charge you?
    this gives you the best quailty but not noob friendly


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