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Thread: Uh Oh I Lost My Crack

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    Heyas everybody- I've got the trial version of Norton Internet Security Pro, 2004 and I been using a crack to keep it registered. Well, I had to format last night and I think the crack for it got blitzed too.
    I'm also wanting to update my PC-Cillin to the latest version, or at least to 2003, I've got a legit 2000 version, so all I would have to do is overwrite it.

    Anybody willing to share on these? I havent had any real luck trying to DL them

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    For norton go here and click on the links ,you should see something usefull.

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    sharedholder- if you mean the astalavista link, I've had that one in bookmarks for years- they didnt have it

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    Search Google for "Norton Internet Security Pro 2004,crack" B)

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    Yeah, Google it.

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    doh! *slaps forehead*


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