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Thread: Should I Be Scared?

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    In the last time many users were catched by the police in Germany because they downloaded some MP3 files from Kazaa

    A friend of mine said, that Kazaa-lite doesn't transfer the IP-Adress. Is it true?

    I really don't want into trouble. That would by quite expensive

    please answer me

    thank you

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    Here in the USA, you can get in trouble for downloading music MP3s off Kazaa just for HAVING an internet connection.

    More than 1 person has been wrongly accused and litgation started against them.

    So I'd almost say that so long as you're using ALL the privacy features IN KL++ v2.4.3 that your nearly as safe as someone who's using the internet. ...and far safer than someone using regular Kazaa!

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    In Germany its illegal to obtain copies of a copyrighted work if you know or could have guessed that the source of the copy is not legitimate.

    UrhG paragraph. 53
    Zulässig sind einzelne Vervielfältigungen eines Werkes durch eine natürliche Person zum privaten Gebrauch auf beliebigen Trägern, sofern sie weder unmittelbar noch mittelbar Erwerbszwecken dienen, soweit nicht zur Vervielfältigung eine offensichtlich rechtswidrig hergestellte Vorlage verwendet wird.

    In artikel. 54 a tax is added to all blank storage media, to be collected by the manufacturers of the media, to reimbuse the artists for all the private copying.

    In the Netherlands we are a lucky. When the Dutch version of the copyright law was written in 1911, they didn't include something like the bold part. So for now we can legally use KaZaA to download. (except for computer programs)

    If 2 computers talk to each other, they need to know each others adres for the data to arrive at the correct location. So YES, K++ does give out you ip to the people you upload and/or download from.
    The BadIPblocker built in with K++ 2.4.3. will not allow known RIAA & co ip's to download or upload from you. But only KNOWN ip's, so it's not 100% fail safe.

    Fortunately law enforcement agencies can't be bothered with millions of average p2p users, so use the privacy options in K++ 2.4.3 to avoid attracting unwanted attention. And if they really start looking they will catch the bigger fish (KMD 2.5 users) first.

    So all I can say to you Eiskalt is; Keep it Cool.


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